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A Course for Law and Business and Every California Contracting Trade.

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Law and Business Course

Designed specifically for California, our Law and Business Manual covers Contractors' License Law, Mechanics’ Lien Law, Labor Law and Business Principles, including Accounting, all explained in everyday language.

Our Law and Business Course is broken up into five easy to understand sections.

Chapter 1: License Law

A summary of the codes and regulations that new contractors must know.

Chapter 2: Mechanics’ Lien Law

Covering mechanics' liens, stop notices, payment bonds, preliminary notices and lawsuits.

Chapter 3: Labor Law

Hiring, wages, benefits, workers' compensation, employee safety, and payroll taxes.

Chapter 4: Business Management

Principles of management, business entities, and accounting for contractors.

Review Quesions

This section of the manual includes the “most difficult” questions with explanations. DVD or Audio CD lectures walk students through these questions and explanations.

Law Practice Tests and Update Questions

The Law and Business Course features practice tests and an update containing the newest questions.  The practice tests contain questions, anwers, and explanations.  The questions are designed to help test and build each student's knowledge of the Law and Business subject areas before taking the state license exam.

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Trade Courses

Each trade course is designed to help students study to pass the state exam to become a licensed contractor. The trade manual expands on each student's existing work experience and includes math and estimating formulas, general trade knowledge, and extensive health and safety regulations.

Math Review

Covers math and estimating forumulas, units of measurement, basic geometry and the architect's scale.

General Knowledge

Each manual has a General Knowledge section that covers trade information students must know to pass the state exam.

Health and Safety

Our extensive Health and Safety section familiarizes students with Cal/OSHA and other regulations and practices covered by the state exam.

Review Questions

This section of the manual includes the “most difficult” questions with explanations. DVD or Audio CD lectures walk students through the plans, questions and explanations.

Trade Practice Tests and Update Questions

Each Trade Course includes practice tests and an update covering the newest questions.  The practice tests contain questions, answers, and explanations that cover trade concepts.  Many practice tests feature building and site plans to help students familiarize themselves with plan reading.  The practice questions are designed for students to test their existing knowledge and expand on it through detailed explanations of difficult questions.

DVD & CD Lectures

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Law & Business

Over four hours of specialty instruction from Attorneys, Bookkeepers, and Licensing Experts.

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Trade Lectures

General Knowledge DVDs walk students through the manual and explain the background trade concepts they need to be familiar with. Instructors include industry experts, licensed contractors, and professors.

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Math Review

A review of math including geometry and architectural scale with a focus on the construction trades. Our instructor is a professional math teacher who simplifies difficult concepts.

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Health and Safety

Industry expert and licensed contractor walks students through the numerous and complicated California Health and Safety codes and regulations, while explaining how to keep safe on the jobsite.

Online Practice Tests

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• Available for Law and Trade Courses
• Flash Cards
• Exam Simulations
• Zero IT/IS investment

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A Course for Every Trade

Title Description
Law Contractors’ License Law, Mechanics’ Lien Law, Labor Code, and Business Management
A General Engineering
B General Building
C-2 Insulation & Acoustical
C-4 Boiler, Hot-Water Heating, & Steam Fitting
C-5 Carpentry
C-6 Cabinet & Millwork
C-7 Low-Voltage Systems
C-9 Drywall
C-10 Electrical
C-11 Elevator
C-12 Earthwork & Paving
C-13 Fencing
C-15 Flooring & Floor Covering
C-16 Fire Protection
C-17 Glazing
C-21 Building Moving/Demolition
C-22 Asbestos Abatement
C-23 Ornamental Metal
C-27 Landscaping
C-28 Lock & Security
Title Description
C-29 Masonry
C-31 Construction Zone Traffic Control
C-32 Parking & Highway Improvement
C-33 Painting & Decorating
C-34 Pipeline
C-35 Plastering
C-36 Plumbing
C-38 Refrigeration
C-39 Roofing
C-42 Sanitation
C-43 Sheet Metal
C-45 Electrical Signs
C-46 Solar
C-47 General Manufactured Housing
C-50 Reinforcing Steel
C-51 Structural Steel
C-53 Swimming Pool
C-54 Tile
C-55 Water Conditioning
C-57 Well Drilling
C-60 Welding
ASB Asbestos Abatement Certification
HSR Hazardous Substances Removal

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